whatsnewThe Niagara Land Trust is a group of concerned and knowledgeable volunteers with experts from a variety of professional backgrounds. Our focus is to work with landowners to acquire, conserve and manage ecological and agricultural land for public interest and benefit while providing leadership in sustainable land stewardship on the properties we own and manage in the Niagara Peninsula. The Niagara Land Trust is dependent on the support of the community, whether that be through a donation, getting involved on a committee, attending an event or being part of a stewardship team.

Glenn Robbins Property

Glenn Robbins Property Niagara

The Niagara Land Trust is currently working towards the purchase of the Glenn Robbins Woodlot.

This 29.14 acre forested property is situated in the Township of West Lincoln.  This property is shown as having Provincially Significant Wetland with an intermittent creek that flows from one corner of the property to another, and seasonal ‘vernal’ pools.  A notable species within this property is the Cardinal Flower [Lobelia cardinalis] which is a species of Lobelia native to the Americas.  More work is being done to inventory the species of trees and plants on this property.

Glenn Robbins (pictured above), is a local resident, has owned the property for over 30 and is working with the Niagara Land Trust to preserve this section of our beautiful, natural, Niagara.  We are currently fundraising for the purchase and stewardship of this property.

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