Our Mission

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The Niagara Land Trust (NLT) believes it is important to conserve the natural heritage of the Niagara Peninsula today for future generations. Our focus is to acquire and manage land for public interest and benefit, while providing leadership in sustainable land stewardship.

The Niagara Peninsula is unique – we have a lot of landscapes and heritage to be proud of and to protect, they include:

  • Niagara Escarpment UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • a variety of agricultural lands and industry (tender fruit, grain, cash crop, poultry, etc)
  • part of the Carolinian Life Zone a stretch of land that extents south of line running from Grand Bend to Toronto that  contains 25% of Canada’s population but less than one percent of its land area. It is the most ecologically diverse landscape in the province with the greatest number and concentration of species at risk in Canada.
  • surrounded by Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Niagara River
  • more to add…

Our mission is:

1. To acquire, secure and manage lands, and interest in lands, of environmental, heritage or landscape interest related to the Niagara Peninsula.

2. To identify, conserve and restore the natural environment and heritage sites of the Niagara Peninsula, including sites of ecological, scientific, scenic, open space, historic, architectural or archaeological interest.

3. To identify, conserve and restore working landscapes in the Niagara Peninsula within the framework of careful and sustainable stewardship.

4. To receive, manage and disburse funds, donations and bequests.

5. To research and educate about the natural environment, heritage sites and landscapes of the Niagara Peninsula.