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There are many options for landowners to take into consideration when thinking about how they would like to protect their land and legacy. This section will go into more detail about each option so you can understand fully how each option works and the benefits of each. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us however the Niagara Land Trust advises that each landowner we work with seek independent legal and financial advice.

CONSERVATION EASEMENT While retaining ownership, a landowner can place a conservation easement on their property with the Niagara Land Trust to protect their land from future development. When the Niagara Land Trust holds your conservation easement we are agreeing to enforce your restrictions in perpetuity.  A gift of a conservation easement may qualify as an Ecological Gift, providing the donor a tax benefit.

DONATE YOUR LAND You may wish to protect your land for the future by transferring the title to your property to the Niagara Land Trust now, or arranging to do so at a later date. Donating or selling your land to the Niagara Land Trust will ensure long-term protection for your property, and does not necessarily entail your loss of access to that land while you or your family is alive. In fact, there are ways to structure a donation that allow you to receive a life income from your land. The Niagara Land Trust will meet with you to review available options that might best accommodate your wishes.

ECOLOGICAL GIFTS The Niagara Land Trust has been qualified by Environment Canada to hold Ecological Gifts. We have professional volunteers who can conduct a thorough review of your property to determine if your property could qualify as an Ecological Gift. Ecological Gifts can be claimed by the donor as an income tax credit which can be taken over the period of five tax years.

STEWARDSHIP Want advice of how to be a good steward of your property? The Niagara Land Trust has experienced and well-qualified volunteers who will donate their time and expertise to help you maintain and enhance the conservation value of your property. Contact us to arrange a visit from one or more of our volunteers.