Niagara Land Trust Co-Hosts Conservation Roundtable

The Niagara Land Trust would like to thank Matt Setzkorn from the Ontario Farmland Trust for providing a facilitator and co-hosting with us the Linking Land Protection & Stewardship Roundtable held November 27th, 2012, at the Niagara Region.  As well we would like to thank all those below who took time out of their busy day to spend a morning to discuss the state of conservation in Niagara with us. We hope the dialogue begun this day leads to new partnerships.

Peter Robinson & Tim Seburn,  Niagara Land Trust

Name Affiliation
Bob Highcock Peninsula Field Naturalists
Cam Pritchard Niagara Woodlot Association
Darcy Baker Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
Liette Vasseur Brock University ESRC
Rick Stockton Bert Miller Nature club
Denise Ball Bert Miller Nature club
Deb Sherk Bert Miller Nature club
Murray Bering White Meadow Farms
Henry Swierenga Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Bob Barnett Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy
Kai Wiens Farmer
Alice Casselman Acer Inc.
Joe Schonberger Niagara Federation South Agriculture
Erik Acs Niagara Region
John Potter Peninsula Field Naturalists
Danielle DeFields Niagara Region
John Bacher Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society
Amy Brunning Heartland Forest
Thea Silver Ontario Land Trust Alliance
Michael Rose Land Care Niagara